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If I don't already have pain in the ball of my foot, can the bump in the insole cause me problems?

No, it is only an element that provides support and rest to the transverse arch of the foot. It helps the foot to not lose its arched shape and serves as a natural cushioning element for our body.

I have a big arch, are they suitable for me?

Yes. The shape of the insole provides optimal support to the internal and external plantar arch producing an improvement in the tread.

I have a flat foot, is it a suitable insole for me?

The flat foot lacks height in the inner arch. SMOU gives you that shape that the flatfoot is missing. At first you will feel the extra padding in the arch area but you will end up adapting and resting your foot more.

My feet are pigeon toed, is it a suitable insole for me?

If your feet point toward each other it is called: Valgus Foot. Slightly valgus ankles are normal, but if your case is more severe, you should visit the traumatologist or podiatrist to check if you need extra support. In this case, it is very important to wear shoes that support the structure (hard buttress) to help avoid future deformations. If you wear good shoes and do not need extra support, you can use SMOU without problems.

I have the feet ``varos`` or arched outwards

As with all medical conditions, you must assess the level of severity. If you suffer from recurring sprains, you should opt for high-top boots that hold your heel or insole with a snug fit that avoids the usual sprains. Consult a specialist if you need to wear a wedge.

If you don’t have these problems, SMOU can fit you perfectly for its ergonomic, resistant and comfortable design that will balance your structure.

I put on the insoles today and I notice the bump.

Don’t worry; it’s normal to notice it. A new insole must be given adaptation time. You’ll see in a few days you wont even remember its there. If not, get in touch with us! info@smouinsoles.com

If my left heel only hurts, can I wear only the left insole?

No. You would cause a 6mm asymmetry (one leg taller / shorter than another) that could, and most likely would, cause back pain.

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